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PostSubject: Post by Post RPG   Post by Post RPG Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2007 2:36 pm

Category: RPG Forum Gaming

Title: Tales of Divinity, a forum RPG based on the Tales series. The Tales series rule.


Main Language: English.

Logo: Post by Post RPG Bannan11

There's so much more to see once you register.
The newest forum RPG to hit the net based on the Tales series.

The setting is in a planet named Solaris. It was once a peaceful world up until the monsters started appearing and terrorizing everyone. Can any one who can save this world from these viscous monsters?

At the start of the RPG I'm in need of moderators who will rule over a certain country, in short I need country leaders. These people will be in-charge of the growth and development of their own country. If you want to expand by making new towns or cities you can. Aside from the growth and developement of your country, you'll also be controlling the NPCs in that area. It'll be like having your own forum inside a forum. There are still 12 major countries that are in need of leaders.

A simple RPG with a complex system to cope with the ever arising needs of the forumers. RPG stats include player level, exp., fighting level, player stats, guilds, and many more found in your RPG Stats These stats cannot be edited by the player to keep our players from cheating. There is also the unbiased battle system, in which we make use of a dice. The dice can be seen by everyone and is rolled by an automated pre-registered member named Mr.Dice, who 'automatically' rolls your dice without the need of any staff. So you can do battles without mods or referees.

There is a newbie guide that will teach you how the system works and the rest are found in the Rules section.

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