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 GB's Dossier

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PostSubject: GB's Dossier   Sun May 06, 2007 11:48 pm

Name: Hayden Raimer
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Dark brown, usually cut quite short
Eyes: Emerald green
Profession: Deep space salvage operator/trader/sometime space pirate

Appearance: Hayden image this picture is fairly close to the one in my head…lose the cig, guns, and bracer on his right arm and that’s about accurate.

Combat Style: Due to intergalactic regulations regarding the use of highly advanced technology on underdeveloped planets (due to the possibility of a one man takeover of an entire planet) Hayden is not supposed to use any of his typical plasma, and other highly advanced weaponry on Earth, to account for this, Hayden specializes in the use of improvised weaponry. Even the most mundane items, ranging from a broomstick, to a car door, to a spool of yarn, everything becomes a weapon in his hands. Yes...he does know about 16 ways to kill a man with a stapler.

However, despite the laws against it, he still carries a high energy plasma pistol in the back of his waistband. The weapon features a print and DNA recognition system, so it won't fire for anyone but Hayden. The weapon packs enough punch to easily cut a vehicle in half in a single burst. However, due to the laws against him using it, he'll only draw the weapon as a last ditch attempt if all else has failed. As a side note...he hasn't had to draw it yet.

Unarmed combat for him is of a rather unusual sort, as it focuses entirely on defense and counters, using only his right hand, his left resting comfortably in his pocket. This is due to a rather unusual circumstance surrounding his left it happens to be entirely robotic.

Enhancements: Hayden is a full out cyborg, his left arm, and much of his brain has been replaced with cybernetics, allowing him to directly uplink to computers, including the onboard systems of his ships.

His left arm is about ten times stronger than the average human's arm, and is packed with many small tools befitting his line of work. It contains a laser welder/cutter, various wrenches and screwdrivers, and just about anything else he needs.

Vehicles: DSS Redemption (Deep Space Salvage) is the craft that Hayden calls his deep space home, the craft is massive running approximately 2km from stem to stern, and is far to big to enter atmosphere, so he currently has it holding orbit around the moon, keeping itself hidden from the planet by hiding on the far side. It is heavily armed and has several hangar bays along the port side. Although the ship is quite capable of combat, its true use is that of a salvage craft, seeking out the wreckage from space battles or destroyed ships, salvaging what he finds, and transporting it for sale. The ship is almost entirely automated, Hayden being the only organic life aboard the entire craft

Perhaps the most unusual feature of the Redemption is a piece of technology aboard it that Hayden created by accident, he refers to is at a 'tunneling system', but in fact, it is a wormhole generator, created by tunneling a path through space-time. As of now, he's the only one in the galaxy that has such a technology, and he's not about to let anyone else get a hold of it. To assist in keeping this technology secret, he fiercely avoids using it in a populated sector.
Redemption Image

Since his capitol ship is far too big to land in atmosphere, Hayden retained his original salvage craft, the Renegade, now heavily upgraded into more a luxury yacht than a work craft. This craft is armed too, a large battery of forward mounted laser and plasma cannons, and three single laser turrets. Renegade Image

Personality: Hayden is a dyed in the wool freelancer, he tends to dislike strict regulations and loves his freedom over almost anything. In the grand scheme of things, he tends to remain neutral when it comes to allying with sides that neither is exactly good or evil, preferring to stay in the middle and profit from their quarrel. However, when it comes to a matter of right and wrong, Hayden will stand against an army to defend one person. He can be quite protective over things he is in power over, whether this be his ships, or a passenger he is transporting, and if these things are threatened will take action to defend them.

In terms of day to day, he tends to seem carefree, and not seem overly concerned over what is happening in the world. This mostly stems from the vast number of worlds he has traveled to and seen, and seeing that against the depth of space, how small and petty most problems seem. Despite this, Hayden never seems to be able to keep himself from getting involved in such problem, often without wanting to. Regardless, if he gets himself involved, he will see a problem through to its conclusion.

In combat, he doesn’t throw around insults and try to taunt his opponents, he is very serious, and hardly speaks at all, letting his actions speak for him. Despite his dedication to defending the innocent, he acknowledges that sometimes the best way to help them is to get them on a ship and get away from the area, and will usually not enter a fight without being thoroughly prepared for it.

Although all the facts behind it are unclear, Hayden seems to have a vast network of contacts across the galaxy, and almost anywhere he goes, people seem to know him, and owe him favors.

History: as told by Hayden himself

“Alright, if you insist, I was born on Ringo Prime, never knew my parents, so I lived in an orphanage until I was eight years old. It basically sucked there, so I ran away at that point and spent the next five years living on the streets, surviving as best I could. While I was on the streets, I picked up that I had a knack for technology, specifically, robotics. So when I was thirteen, I built my first robot out of scrap parts that I had salvaged. A bit of programming later, and I had taught it how to build another robot, and had it do so, repeatedly. Soon, I had a bunch of these robots, and using them, began to work out a simple business, working through junkyards and the like, salvaging things that were still useful and refitting them to be sold as parts, or anything else I found.”

“Two years later, I realized that for all the junkyards that I frequented on Ringo Prime, the biggest one of them all, I had never even touched, deep space. So, I reprogrammed my robots, rather than having them salvage parts and build more robots, I had them start salvaging the parts to build a ship capable of leaving the atmosphere, so I could salvage in space. Took them about four months to finish the project, and soon I was savaging broken down satellites, and anything else that I found out there.”

“That was six years ago, I hadn’t been into the orbital space salvage trade for long when I hit a huge break. A battle took place in the space around Ringo Prime, a small radical faction of people that wanted their separation from the Humankind Abh Empire had secretly amassed a fleet and attacked the stationed post in the system. For a while, the separatists controlled the space around the Ringo system.”

Sariel cut in, “There’s no way that the Empire would let that happen.”

“Yeah, they only controlled the area for a short time, until the Abh returned in force and crushed them outright in a real-space battle. Here, I saw my chance and jumped on it, I contacted the captain of the lead ship, and through him, the Duke that was over our sector. My offer was that I would clean up the system for them, removing all the space junk that had been left behind as a result of the space battle; in return, I wanted to be allowed to keep what I salvaged. I knew it was a long shot, and really doubted that my request would be cleared. I guess I underestimated how little our Duke liked getting his hands mixed up with affairs such as that, I was informed that since it was ‘far from elegant’ to trouble himself with clearing out all the debris, he would leave that to me to do so as I saw fit, as long as he didn’t have to bother with it himself.”

*shrugs, finishing drink*, “So I basically salvaged an entire war zone. One of the ships’ Time-Space cluster generator was undamaged, as was it’s navigational systems, so I went to work modifying my ship so that it could travel in Plane Space. I suppose it went from there, to what you see now, a twenty-two year-old salvage operator.”

Sariel looked at him curiously, “So is this that ship you build all those years ago?”

“Oh, no the Redemption was built a year after that, I guess I made her so huge since I was tired of having to leave behind valuable parts because I ran out of space, so I went all out. But the original ship is still in my possession, in fact its down in the landing bay. Then again, after all the upgrades and modifications, it’s hardly the same ship anymore. But ya know, I suppose the best way to get to know me is to know what I do, and best way to do that is to see how it all goes. Come on, I’ll give ya a tour of the ship.” *Looks over to the bar*, “Hey Cookie, we’re outta here, thanks for the food, it was delicious as always.”

::NOTES:: Cookie is the robotic cook that serves aboard the Redemption, and Sariel was the daughter of a noblemen that he rescued from a destroyed ship.

Current status: Hayden currently has taken up residence in the Terra Firma planetary system (earth), although he still prefers living in space over living on a planet, he is currently residing on the third, and only populated, planet in the system. His primary purpose on the planet is to acquire what, to the people of the rest of the universe, would be considered antiquities and unusual curiosities that, in other parts of the universe, could potentially be sold to collectors for untold amounts of money. In exchange for this, he either does work as a mechanic, or do it all fix-it, or trades some of the 'legal to be sold' technology, including some of the simpler energy weapons, and some missiles. Apart from weapons, he also deals in practically anything that could be bought, from clothing to high tech appliances, if it can be salvaged from a space craft, he will sell it.

As a side note, much to the surprise of everyone involved, he has managed to locate the underground organization Horrors Inc. and has thus far only done a little work for them, mostly involving disposing of bodies that 'can never be found'... is a very big place, and bodies don't tend to last too long in hard vacuum. Curiously enough, he took a .50 caliber revolver as payment, and seemed quite contented by it.

Other than that, he has dealt more as a trader with them, him being the perfect FENCE for anyone who wants to sell something that they have no rights to have. After all, who better to sell something to than someone who, by all Earth records, doesn't even exist.
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GB's Dossier
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