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 Rhapsody (of Fire)

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PostSubject: Rhapsody (of Fire)   Fri May 04, 2007 2:24 am

Epic Hollywood Metal?

Epic Symphonic Metal?

Hollywood Power Metal?

Meh, people haven't really decided it seems.

I guess there's really no better way to sum up this Italian metal band than with the following phrase:

Lyricized D&D.

That said, hop along for the ride as the White Dragon's Order heads to retrieve the Seventh Lost Book in Dar Kunor caves. If that untold tale is not your taste; then go back to the ages of the Nordic Warrior and the Emerald Sword Saga; the terrible reign of a thousand flames, the presence of Dargor; shadowlord of the Black Mountains where-


Lyricized D&D as I said.

The story's fun if you feel like trying to follow it, and the music itself is really quite good; even if the entire thing is a bit over the top to the point of being [s]somewhat[/s] rather cheesy.

Still, their primary guest vocalist is CHRISTOPHER "SARUMAN" LEE.

How many bands do you know of have him singing?

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Rhapsody (of Fire)
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