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 Some of my creations of chaos

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PostSubject: Some of my creations of chaos   Fri May 04, 2007 1:55 am

Character Info

Name: Lucius
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Affiliation: Choatic good

Weapons: none

Items: none

Powers/Abilities: A light elemental, telepathic (useful only as a means of communication or increase the power of his illusions), can bend light to make himself invisible, create illusions (using telepathy can add a level of realism as the illusions are half bend light half in the mind) or to blast his enimies to blind them or focus light to form lasers, swords etc. Can light teleport anywhere within a half mile of where he is.

Weakness: Is the muscle of the duo, can use his telepathy enough to get what the person deeply desires and create an illusion for it, but other than that he would rather use his fists than his head to take care of a problem. Light teleportation limit is a half mile (its designed for short distances and the farther the distance Lucius travels with it the more it tires him) powers dont as well if there are no natural light sources around. Attacks are more speed than power.

Pets: None

Appearance: Blonde hair with blue eyes, usally wears a plain shirt with jeans, pretty causal.

Personality: A laid back person, tries to have fun, an easy smile and a laugh for anyone, is competive, tends not to take fights seriously at least at the begining.

History: Lucius and Itzal appeared out of the chaos of the downfall of a major company known as Gemini. A world leader in many area it was a large umbrella corporation, it was rumured that they ran illegal expreiments in genetics and other areas. These rumurs were never confirmed, and with the collapse of the company its likely they never will.

Name: Itzal
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral

Weapons: None

Items: None

Powers/Abilities: A darkness elemental, telepathic, can teleport thorough shadows, (limit of this is about 50 miles at max), can form tendrils of shadow that can be used as weapons, is able to bring a persons inner darkness to life by forming a body of dark matter and using dark energy to hold it together (a dark clone if you will). Can use his telepathy to create dark illusions (personal fears and the like), can transform his body into a living shadow (in this form he cannot be damaged save with bright light, but can not out right attack anyone either) also can manipulate dark energy and dark matter.

Dark Matter: Makes up over 90% of the matter in space, this form of matter abosrbs light and heat, the amount of absorbed is relative to the amount of dark matter conjured, is use by Itzal mostly to create shadows if the area is not condsive to them (aka a sunny day)

Dark Energy: Makes up over 90% of the energy in space, this energy exists in the empty space between atoms, thorough the use of this energy Itzal can cancel gravity between atoms, effectively causing them to break apart. It is also a worthy of noting that dark matter and dark energy are key ingredients in black holes. (Note: they are not the only ingredients)

Weakness: Powers take more work if done in areas with a large amount of light, if is hit with light in his shadow form, he is scattered and most reform himself. Dark Matter diminishs as it abosrbs light and heat therefore if using to create shadows it must be constantly replenished, thus it takes a good bit of his contration. The distortion of dark energy that Itzal uses must orginate from him, meaning it must travel from him in the form a wave or the like, he cannot stare at something and cause it be destroyed. When in his shadow form the only other ablity he can use is shadow tendrils(and their combat effectiveness is reduced by at least half as a simply flashlight is all that needed to make one disappear). Is not skilled at hand to hand combat, prefer to use his mind as a weapon. Dislikes being in the daylight.

Pets: None

Appearance: If you seen a picuture of the Nazgul or of the reaper you know what this guy looks like. Wears dark robes, with a hood over his head, none save his partner Lucius have seen what lies beneath it

Personality: OC, Is a dark serious person, takes life seriously with little reguard to humor or fun, doesnt place much stock in friendship or allies

History: Itzal has no memory of his parents or any sort of family, since he can remeber all he has had is darkness for a companion. During this time he existed, he didnt consider it living, he merely stole what he needed to surive. Then one day he encoutered light, Lucius another one with gifted powers. At first the two didnt get along at all, and tried to kill each other, but gradually they gained a respect for each other and even friendship. They began to travel together. Has come to Jump City for his own reasons with his partner Lucius, doesnt pay the teen titans any mind as long as they keep out of his way. Has known Lucius for nearly 5 years, and has traveled with him for quite some time, what the two seek is a secret known only to them.

Name: Luna
Alias: Nemo (a nickname given to her by Lucius)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Affiliation: Chaotic Good
Weapons: Bo staff

Items: Cell phone

Powers/Abilities: Mental Resistance (due to the mental training given her by Itzal Luna‘s resistance to mental attacks is at an extremely high level, this allows her not to be fooled by illusions caused by telepathy, and makes it nearly impossible for her to be mind controlled or have her mind read against her will),

Quick Reflexes, Acrobatic

Movement Anticipation (due to doing physical training with Lucius, Luna is used to a extremely high combat speed when fighting normal opponents they seem to move in slow motion to her, thus she is able to anticipate their attack).

Weaknesses: Is only human, if her mental defense is peirced it can knock her unconscious, the length depends on how hard she resisted the attack

Pets: None

Appearance: A young girl with moderately long brown hair, she is proportionately built, of average height. When fighting or doing a job for Lucius or Itzal, she wears black jeans with a form fitting white shirt and a black coat.

Personality: A nice girl with an innocent expression, she has a strong will and is not afraid to speak her mind. Though when she is around Itzal and Lucius she becomes as meek as a kitten and will do what they tell her to do even if she does not like it. As she spent most of her time with Itzal and Lucius, Luna is uncomfortable talking to people, and rather shy. She fights when she needs too. Dislikes her nickname, calling her by it will lead to trouble.

History: Luna was just a little street urchin living on the docks of New York City, she was the abandoned daughter of a prostitute, and she never knew who her father was. She lived among the boats of the dock were she ate whatever she could find. One day two new men showed at the docks, asking questions, one seemed to glow with a soft light and the other one seemed as black as night, Luna was so miserable that she latched onto the dark ones cloak as they walked past her. The two stopped and regarded her, “She smells more like a fish than a girl,” The light one said with a chuckle. The dark one stared at her, his face hidden in the depths of his hood, “Do you want to come with us little one?” the dark one asked in a quiet voice.

“Heh ya little Nemo, you want to come along?” The light one echoed.

Luna was so scared and hunger that she barely could speak, she managed a little, “Y-yes,” before fainting.

And that was how Luna began her adventures with Lucius and Itzal, as she grew older the two taught her how to defend her self from all kinds of threats and now she thinks of them as older brothers she never had.
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Some of my creations of chaos
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