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 One of the Many that have yet to be Posted

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PostSubject: One of the Many that have yet to be Posted   Fri May 04, 2007 1:03 am

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[Berserker Form]




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Occupation: Currently Unemployed, After former Ouccupational Research Facility had mysteriously been engufed by a vortex of uncharted energy build-up.
Martial Status: Single
Legal Status: Legal Citizen of United States, Canada and Norway; Europe.
Group Affiliation(s): None.


Place of Birth: Born in Norway, after family had returned being that Norway had finally removed the Anti-Heathenry Laws placed on Norway under Christian conversion. Was born under the influence of the old norse ways, family returning to Norway and iving a few generations before Randvarr was born.


Born in Norway, son of Bjorn Brynjhall and Gridr Bryhnjhall. Randvarr was heavily exposed to Norse Paganism and Heathenism and kept from Christian ways as much as possible to ensure the lineage was not corrupted by the damnable aggressive organized faith, however they did not hate the religion they just did not find the religions beliefs suitable for their old ways. Under norse beliefs, Randvarr grew up being a suprisingly open-minded and tolerant boy, that strived to become not only strong but intellegent, however in childhood he was constantly picked on, due to the overwhelming christian community the school was in, Randvarr was always subjected to being religiously descriminated upon, by not only fellow students but other children as well. Randvarr was constantly forced to do degrading tasks, however did them without feeling an ounce of embarassment such as scrubbing and cleaning floors after schiool and so on. Randvarr was actually happy to do such difficult tasks, as to him they were helping him improve himself for the real world.

After learning of such things bing forced onto their son, even at one time nearly being beaten by a Physical Education Teacher, however at the time Randvarr was 13 and in Middle School, yet suprisingly strong and fit for his age, thus the Teacher instead gave the boy a Detention...for nothing more than bringing a symbol of his own faith, a norse rune crafted out of iron and worn on a chain, after the day had passed his rune was destroyed, and this hurt the made him angry somewhat. Randvarr very scarcly graduated, The family had to sue the school in order to make them graduate Randvarr as they had plenty proof that he not only did his homework everyday, but after gathering enough information of the School's descriminatory actions, had often given the boy lower stest grades than students who hadn't even studied or done work at all. Thus, Randvarr obtained his diploma but that night, he was actually attacked by three boys, classmates who were among the most righteous families in the community, yet had been badly beaten themselves, but Randvarr was beaten worse not only from being overwhelmed but by one of their father's, a broad and large man, who had been a former priest but stepped down due to a short temper, had began beating the boy...however Randvarr's father had just been driving by at the time, when he spotted his son, being brutally beaen, Bjorn wasn't able to attend his son's graduation due to his asshole boss had given him overtime deliberatly.

Bjorn was a large, even larger than the man who was attacking his son, in fact he was a feared man due to his size being 6'8", wearing a thick, wooly, black beard, and was strong from many years of carpentry, lumberjacking, blacksmithing, mining, and other such laborous activites, lifting the man up, one handed, did Bjorn plow his heavily callised fist into the mans face, sending him out cold...sadly the authorities took his father in, and he was charged to the maximum extent of the law, where as the man that beat Randvarre was merely charged with isturbing the peace and got a slap on the wrists, the family barely had enough to afford a lawyer for Randvarr the first time, thus they couldn't afford one this time.

Randvarr was fuelled with more anger, and thus he started a list of people he needed to pay back before he died...but not before weeping at the loss of the man he revered, respected and loved, His father, being sentinced to 3 years in prison, however things were a bit more tame in Norway than in America, no fear of dropping the soap here.

Randvarr eventually found an Interest for science and research as well as history, attending colledge originally just to be a proffessor at colledge before realising he would never be approved with his norse heritage in most colleges, thus furthered college, tuition paid by Norway directly due to his pureblood Norwiegien blood and relation to a former king of Norway. Randvarr eventually became a major in Norse Mythology and Language, recieving his Diploma and within weeks recieving a letter from the United State's Government, offering a good job oppertunity, with a high salary cap of 110,000 dollars a year.Randvarr then packed up, being a 22 year old man and travelled to Amerca, or rather New Foundland, currently for use for research purposesnunder a temporary treaty between the U.S. and Canada, Randvarr hoping to leave the traumatic experiences with over-zealous and Heathen Despising christians of Norway behind...the christians who were not native to Norway but rather Italy.

Randvarr would then begin work with his co-worker's who were suprisingly heathen as well, or just open-mminded people. It was great to be in such an enviroment, where everyone wasn't so...harsh and judgemental. Soon a important relic was uncovered, a slab of stone with a circle of intricate iunic patterns, it was some sort of circle used for something...

Randvarr, being the head researcher of Norse runes, took it within his direct duty to examine it further. After hours of non-stop devotion to decifering it, he found he could only decifer 'Blood of Badger, Body of Fire, Head of Goat.' and he determined it was some sort of ritual, he decided, for kicks to see if anything would happen if he followed the rites. Randvarr went and got a bundle of sticks, found a badger and killed it humanly, not being a heartless man. He then inquired a butcher about a goat head, getting many awkward stares before replying 'I need one to show some apprentice researcher's the proper anatomy ofn a goat's head, they are quite a confused bunch.". After getting the messier supplies, he placed the blood of the badger around the interior of the circle, placed the goat head on a wooden pike, as a little pike holding slot was in the center and firmly pressed the backside of the pike into the slot, before starting a fire around in the circle. Randvarr had no idea what would happen next.

-----------------------------------Realm of Niflheim.--------------------------

After eternal exilement of the pre-christian, judaism, and living religions of earth, the Heathen and Pagan gods ruled the world. The norse gods were among the most violent and mortal gods of the world. They inspired warriors to battle, Berserkers to furied battle, and enemies to fear their ruthlessness. However despite all the infulence the old gods had, when Christianity came, the gods lost too much power and thus in a last ditch effort, combined their power to create a new world. However...many gods attempted to alter the world in their favor, causing the access way to the two worlds to become unstable, also effecting how the world itself would be when they arrived. When the arruved they found the realm empty, barren and cold. Some gods used their power to create lush or semi-lush fields here and their, other's tried creating lakes of lava for warmth, and others tried to create thrallish beings to be their followers.

After all was said and done, there were gods and there were creatures named Thrall, which could breed with the gods and were actually capable of living in such a desolate place, being a lot more endurant than those of earth. Before leaving, the Norse gods had left one last ritual, a link to Nifleheim however it would free one being from the Voidful place, creating a powered being, their harbringer. Like demon's of earth, they had a degree of influence through this ritual, only 3 other people finding this ritual, however only one actually using it. If it had become known sooner, the heroes of earth might had began a crusade to destroy the 'Rune Gates', for fear of more powered beings roaming the earth.

By present day, the Thrall have become humanoind in form. each with piercing yellow or red eyes. they come in various forms, most with interlocking plates over their soft flesh, changing hand structure, ranging from long, yet few clawwe fingers, to wide and numerous clawwed fingers but that was not a power but an innate racial ability. Niflheim has by now been discovered to have minterals and even water beneath it's tough and hard surface.Only two usable ores have been found, Barogite and Malgite. Barogite is a supirior alloy made of the energies of Niflheim, solidified in metal form. Thrall innately have the ability to make weapons and transfer the weapon into featherweight energy able to traverse space and time, teleporting to their hands and even even reshaping and repairing them effortlessly.

The Thrall have a potential to threaten not only Human's but even superhuman's with their innate intellect, Dual-Skeletal bodies composed on Exoskeletal on the surface and Endoskeletal on the inside, granding superhuman strength and stamina. Their muscular make-up is advanced, so much so as even a child posseses the power to break a human's neck, without any trainign at all but that doesn't mean it could due to the Thrall's keen sense of other creature's vulnerabilities, even from a different universe which drives some mad.

Some human had actually arrived in Niflheim, via pagan rituals going arry, however were welcomed with open arms into the society, proving the Thrall are naturally passive, only engaging in battle when both sides were willing, sometimes violence occurs due to the honor system, annihilating those who run away or break oaths, human's are not obligated to such a system though, however should they used offensive force, degrade one's honor, or attempt to kill a Thrall, they are then able to be killed or badly injured.
[Just an Intro to the Gods of Niflheim and Thralls.]
Suddenly as Randvarr activated the rite the flame turned crimson then Cyan before a portal appeared before Randvarr and a Thrall, of terribly crimson eyes appeared before Randvarr in a semi-intangeble form and spoe in English "I am Hjörr, For freeing me from my home, I shall change your world...We shall become one and whole, I shall give you power of Woden and more..." It would cackle before leaping at Randvarr and being consumed into his body, the vortex enlarging and consuming the research camp and facility.

Months later, Randvarr would wake up in a hospital, and after paying off his medical bill he would return to the U.S. to become re-employed somewhere, before strange event's would take place, insomnia griping him, sudden waves of rage passing over him and the strange occuranse of dreaming of being clad in crimson armor, wielding a huge battle axe and wearing a closed-face horned helmet with a set of yellow glowing eyes. Suddenly it would happen, he would awaken to find himself in New York City, in front of a notorious villain, at first, completely consumed with fear as he e barely fended off the nameless metahuman's strength, holding his axe out and parrying, before the whispers of Hjorr began infiltrating his mind before he went into a berserk state of mind, taking the bloodmad fury of a berserker and charging his foe, the collasal metahuman and hus bullying nature not expecting such ferocity, eight beet tall being opposed by a 6 foot tall man, arms thin and sinewey yet swung the axe like a giant, before the Metahuman's arm was cleaved off, however was restrained before dealing any more damage by Justice Society Members.

After the event, Randvarr lost consciousness and the armor disintergrated to a fine grain of energy bits, and he woke up in the care of the YJS, he was told he had a strange type of ability that was still untrained and was recomended to stay there, for training. It was too much to handle, these american heroes were talking to hiim, he had powers? He had a choice to change things for the better. He could be...A hero? After many months of trainigng it was time for him to leave, but after they had a full knowledge of his powers, they recomended they be sealed off...for good. Now this shocked Randvarr, he...he did not agree and fled, not like they would or could stop him as much as they wanted, his powers were unstable, but Randvarr was determined to not only control them but but show the heroes of earth a Berserker could be a hero as well.


Age: 27
Height: About 6’1”
Weight: 182 Lbs.
Eye: Grey after being merged with the Thrall entity, Yellow when in Berserker armor and form.
Hair: Black
Unusual Features: None
Personality: Randvarr since day one, has always been a silent boy who has kept primarily to himself, with hasty and violent outbursts. Recently, Randvarr has gotten into barfights here and there, un aware of how much his strength has been altered without effecting his muscular mass, yet refuses to let himself be arrested thus ends it abruptly before authorities are called. As such he still can lead a normal life without a criminal record inhibiting it.

Randvarr or known as Berserker, has been appearing in various cities and honored for his heroism, not only for taking down tyranical villains that plague small towns but also for aiding local heroes with larger villains, even if they to escape in the end. However there has been two instances where Berserker has went berserk and mortally wounded or killed a villain, however nontheless stopped the villain, etting little thanks and possiby more fear by the people as he got urged out of the town.


Known Powers:

Berserk Ritual- the call to his true hero form, being covered in armor forged from the the Steel Willpower and Fiery rage of a berserker, Randvarr calls upon the form of the berserker. As such his stats are increased [See 2nd tier Benchmark below Bio.]

Howl of the Berserker- An uncontrollable state that hurls Randvarr into a form of lesser intellect only barely making out friend from foe, incapable of speech, however gains brutal strength and overall hieghtened stats and is covered with flame that can burn those who strike him, however he is all but over powered, being unable to back down even if opponent is too powerful and would rather die than back down from a fight. However this state, is not a willing form as it deals brutal damage to the host's body, suffering from burn wounds and so on. This form is only assumed as a form of last resort, upon taking it, heals all damage, however gradually deals damage to themselves over time, and ends when they lose consciousness. Has yet to be used at all.

Known Abilities:

Strength Level: Meta-human to Superhuman in strength. Please refer to the Powergrids below.
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PostSubject: Re: One of the Many that have yet to be Posted   Fri May 04, 2007 1:03 am


Eager to Battle- When solving problems in Berserker/Hero form, He would rather just save the talking and get right to the battle if he can, and becomes irritable if he must use words rather than fists. Thus making it reason with others when irritated.

Easy to knock enconscious: After being beaten as a child, he had gained a condition where he was more vulnerable to head trauma amd as a result, he must wear a helmet otherwise if anyone knew of this, they could merely target his head and knock him enconscious.

Exhaustion-When fighting recklessly and using every bit of strength to smash your enemy to bits, one uses up a tremendous amount of energy, more so than if even heavily defending yourself from a troll. However this is all for a full on aggressive style of fighting.

Psychotic Symptoms- When heavily undicing ones mind to rage so often, the chemical reation takes it's toll on the mind, however in a lesser degree too Randvarr. Due to the being inside him, it is lessened yet suffers from withdrawal and hallucinations during battle, causing stray swings to lash out, completely off from his foe.

Misc (optional)


Mark XIX Balistic Shield- After being confronted by a man posing as an offiver wearing a full body swat uniform, he was nearly apprehended before he found the man's identity as an officer to be faulty, a mere bounty hunter as he then went berserk and attacked the man, the man escaping but leaving the Balistic shield behind. After some level-headed examination he found the composite surface to be bulletproof as well as having 4 small, dampening fields that ward off psionic energy to moderate degrees and energy based atttacks. Only in extremes when facing many projectile user's will he use this.

Crimson Armor of Bjorn- A set of armor, crafted from the woven hair of a bear. the strands overlap and interweave at such a fine degree that it can stop bullets from puncturing the flesh, however not from hitting the flesh hard enough to leave welts. The armor is coated in a crimson metal, have a centimeter thick but no stronger than steel [actually, much weaker and easily punctured.]

Helm of Heimdall- The helmet of berserker was crafted by the old gods within the prison realm Niflheim. The helm granted limited abilities of that of the Fallen God Heimdall. The helmet increases the hearing and sight of the wearer to a superhuman level jus bearly. However not to be confused with Heimdall's power's overall, as Heimdall's keen sight and hearing surpass most superhuman entering on the level of Mythic/Legendary.

Iron boot of Vidar- The boot in which Vidar slain the Fenris wolf, however being made of simple metal, it was imbued with a significant ability of indestructibility, at the cost of being slightly heavier. However it weighs only 25 pounds and Only one Iron boot of Vidar has ever existed, thus it's a simple, practical and reliable commodity.

Gram af Tyrfing- The legendary blade of old, recrafted yet again, the very blade that had slain Faffnir the dragon. The blade has instead been forged as a Immense Flamberge, however Gram is only half of the weapon being it is only a longsword by nature. It was also forged with the Legendary cursed blade Tyrfing, inorder to create the mythic Flamberge Gram af Tyrfing. The blade is sharp enough to carve through most earthly metals in fact cleaving the anvil in which it was forged. However as the name and previous statement, Tyrfing was not infact used in the forging of Flamberge, but a frivilous reproduction which has since then, caused Randvarr to go on an epic, and reckless persuit of the legendary weapon, seeking to take the weapon, used by Arngrim the legendary berserker and his son who was also a berserker.

The blade is also indestructible by the means of rare uncompromising energies interweaving around the blade and clinging tightly, when a crack, pivot, damage at all would effect the blade, the energy binds with the blade and superheats the metal in key areas, shaping the metal to it's orginal form before cooling it instantaneously.
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PostSubject: Re: One of the Many that have yet to be Posted   Fri May 04, 2007 1:28 am

Alter Ego: Curseborn


Occupation: Vigilante
Martial Status: Single
Legal Status: Hero
Group Affiliation(s): None


Place of Birth: Thaxaria, Valvox Battleground, Grimweld Extradimensional Plane. Or Commonly known as 'Thaxaria.
Known Relatives: Arthixis [Older Brother, Bitter enemy. Dead at the Hands of Skhaal.], Balthor [Father, Presumed Deceased], Veldra [Mother, Deceased giving birth.], Bathor the Curseborn [Legendary ancestor.]


Born of mysterious origins, flesh grey in color signifying a truly dark past with his celestial blonde hair due to his mother, a high avatar or transcended priest of the Viashinistic faith. Generation’s before Skhaal’s birth was a powerful demon, one of the original 5 creator’s of the plane, similar to the dimensional demon Trigon however these demon were lesser in power however were more designed for creation and balance. Among them was Bathor the Curseborn. He was a broad, lumbering demon however demon’s in this world were called ‘Thaxar’ after combining two ancient Thaxarian words both being ‘Creation’ ‘Gods’ however some achaeologists have uncovered a forgotton word ‘Xar’ which meant, after heavily translating ‘Cursed’. So infact these demon’s might not have been so kind even further in the past, however being bound by powerful sorcery into a new plane, to breath life into it as exilement along with one another was not ideal for them.

In reality Grimweld was created by powerful sorcerors of a planet no longer existent, being imploded by a faulty magic barrier which went unstable at the Infinite crisis due to so much conflict occurring over many different dimensions. Long since, Thaxaria has come a long way, still bearing infertile land and only one of the ancient Thaxar’s remain, Viashinox of Fiery Rage and Steadfast Defense. His blessing is a kind one despite the fiery rage in his name. His title ‘Of Fiery Rage and Steadfast Defense’ refers to ‘Of Fiery Rage’ to enemies of the Thaxarian and ‘Steadfast Defense’ refer’s to the Thaxarians, and their ability to take up arms and defend vigilantly without disregard in a almost mindless combative ability that seems to be unmatched by any other race in any of the nine primary dimensions of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Thaxarians are spawns of the Thaxar’s themselves, however sometimes took Thaxarian form and mated with them, to ensure their genes and legacy lived on, even though a conflict would erupt from foreign forces, interplanetary imps escaping from their exilemen, former minions and often called ‘Urthix’ and in a mass of numbers, generated devastating blows as a group, and ended up spawning their own race in this plane, called the Urthixians. The conflict ended when Viashinox came from the final throne upon Mount Garmoth and purged the Urthix with a crimson rain of fire, slaying them all but losing so much energy he used his remaining energy to create a afterworld and physically melded with it, to live in a subplane of existence, which would act as heaven for the Thaxarian’s as his final gift.

Upon the world there were also Thaxar Spawn that were brother’s, Finest blacksmiths of the land, known as Balevhaath and Sllamod. These brother’s fashioned the finest blades and weapon’s of all Thaxaria, however they were also part Urthixian, containing three bloodlines. Sllamod was a darker soul and Balevhaath was a kinder and warmer soul. One day however they were opposed by rebel Thaxarians and Urthixians working together, they were rival Blacksmiths and attacked in a gathered force of 100.

The brother’s fought with their two finest blades, striking down every foe, before Sllamod struck at his brother, his fragile mind snapping at the violence and each dealing mortal wounds, however they would not end, they were also secretly schooled in ancient Smithmagic, and bound their souls and remaining bodies into their finest blades, becoming legendary, living weapons, Viashinox whisking them away to the tomb of Halkoth, the Forge, the only tomb erected for a Thaxar that still existed.

Bathor of the Thaxar was responsible for creating the emotion 'Rage' in Thaxarian and granting all Thaxarians the ability to use magic, when he died he fought the Urthix Behemoth, Mathox. He fought with valor yet little morale, however just barly slew the immense Urthix before falling to mortal wounds, of the Thaxar he is considered lesser by all but the the mages of Thaxaria, often offering to him in his life after death.

Now, when Skhaal was born, his rather resiliant and healthy mother died concieving Skhaal, now that we return to the birth of Skhaal, on a battle field. His body was taken and carried quickly from the field, never getting a chance of knowing his mother or father, only brother and close friend of his family. His father never returned from the battlefield to the city and lived with Arthixis, a Arcane Student at Kaerveck's academy of common-magi.

It was a prestigious academy, however it was only 25th best in Thaxaria out of 200 other magic academies. However there was an expansive library for arcane practices...where Arthixis began to fall. Arthixis was a saint of sorts, he was once refered to as "Archangel" for the defense of the Viashinox church against a heretic, however after sickening green energy struck his head it would slowly turn him. As Skhaal turned 9, by this time Arthixis was constantly in his room and slipping academically however he was quite a bit more intellegent before. happened, Arthixis was caught in the middle of a morbid lunch, devouring a poor innocent women, having not noticed Skhaal following him. Now this did hit the boyys weak constitution hard but like all Thaxarians, this must be avenged by violence. Skhaal may have been 9, but even 6 year olds are capable of using a sword well enough to strike down a man, and thus he pulled out his small dagger, as a present to strike his brother down but Arthixis impaled Skhaal on a sword...this sword was called Sllamoth, Blade of Slaughter.

After Skhaal came, he awoke, his bright hair blackest of black, often referred to the medics as 'Fallen Crow' due to this sudden change in hair. He had been impaled, but the blade missed most vital organs, and to this day still suffers from internal pain to that wicked blade.

After that, Skhaal became a hot headed boy, always training and any boys that would pick on him got into terrible fights with him, some even crying at his vengeful spite, before being taken in by His father's closest friend, a sage and warrior, Gothux. Skhaal was taught more patience, and how to use a blade and training properly before being Enrolled in the Slayermage academy, to become a powerful Warriormage and serve the Holy 5 to battle.

Slayermage were the marines of earth only, they excelled at both combat and spells that augumented their abilities or caused devastation, during his 12th birthday he had stumbled accross Old Gormothic Spells, spells that had strong effects at the cost of pain and blood during casting, and became known as "Bloodchain Arcanist" in the academy due to his unussually vast knowledge of Old Gormothic Chain Spells.

Skhaal was gifted...however terribly violent, like a dragon hatchling guarding it's treasure horde. He gained no friends with his anger, only enemies. At the graduation rite, each Slayermage hopeful engages a classmate, the winner graduates and the loser attends another year, and this test Skhaal was pit up against one of the people that had constantly picked on him, in fact him and a group had once ganged up on him and nearly beat him up.

During the match, Skhaal went berserk, shrugging off arcane blows to pummel the opposing boys face into submission, infact causing the boy to drop out, making Skhaal the victory with heavy wounds, a hole even cutting through his shoulder. He recieved medical care and recieved the Slayermage Platerobe, and wore it, before attending his first mission, to stop the mad mage of the mountains from taking various settlements here ant there. Skhaal met many abominations in combat, getting more nerve and more violent, ascending two ranks to Chief Leutenant Slayermage.

He now commanded 10 men, whom were specially trained to fight demon and abberations, as they arrived at a little town on the Outskirts of Thaxarian Territory, where he would find his heart taken by the daughter of the kingdom, her name Shiala. The two spent nights together, and at Day Skhaal fought the demon's away, however a dark day would arrive 3 months later, when he had to leave for another tow, promising to come back to her...she would wait but her family in a coward fear, made up their decision to grant their hand to the Mad Mage of the Mountain's most trusted general, their daughter's hand even though they were promised the protection of Thaxaria.

She even attempted to escape but she was stopped by the was hopeless. As Skhaal returned, finding this out, seeing her in the arms of another man, he withdrew his sword and charged the noble before being stopped by numerous guard "Bastard! I will place have you head on the end of my own blade!" he would shout in blind ferocity as he was, dragged away by the more elite guard and too blindly angry to focus power into a single power.

After he came to his senses, through political reasoning and bribing the jail guards, Skhaal was freed by the men of his own regiment. After being freed, they would leave the city, to the nieghboring city, Gothamend, before the news of the Cities fall reaached the Slayermage band, appearantly when in madness, deals have no meaning or worth. At once, Skhaal commanded his tropps to band together, despite the Slayermage's word of disapproval with General Oxmund and Second Leutenant Felstak.

This battle would be known as 'the Battle of Lost souls' where the most cruel and excessive use of Thaxarian 'Canon Fodder' would be used, resulting in the death of many innocent people, however most tragicly would impact skhaal, rushing into battle to find the one he had loved more than any, before him and exploding ina grotesque explosion, enough to rattle the mind of even the most fearless warrior into a mad state of mind.

Skhaal's mind whited out, his body went berserk with fury as he took his Crowbill Blade, A blade forged with a Crowbill Spiked blade pertruding at the top, cutting down many, just to get to the man he swore to kill. When he awoke, he found a mad grin accross his face, the man's head atop his sword, looking back at a pile of corpses left behind, not onloy had he killed innocent people, but some of them ignite in a fiery cataclasm of blood and arce, wounding him greatly.

After this, Skhaal was carefullly detained once more, before being released after the Slayermage guild had been eradicated by more impulsive arcane guilds of the northern territories, driven by their own far and greed, being the Slayermage guild prohibbited them from extorting money, and taking a full monopoly over all alchemical and arcanic goods. These guilds were also in league with Arthixis, all driven mad from his chaotic mind, and with their power, had in secret, assasinated the 5 councilmen of Thaxaria, replacing them with demonic puppets of greater power.

Skhaal would then cease his activity in Thaxaria, fleeing to the southeastern mountains, the laircrags of Gorn. Here the mighty Dragonkin, Dragon-Thaxarian experiments of the Gnome had made a empire seeking only ersonal freedom under the rule of a mighty full blood dragon diety, Molusk.

Here he served as a Mercenary, becoming quite successful and feared, and was on the brink of being ejected from Gorn before he met the bastard son of Molusk, Dragor. They joined forces, after much coaxing, Skhaal finally gave in for the better good of the Realm. At the moment, Skhaal was given a warrant for his removal, however he and Dragor had gotten up and left of their own accord, turning their backs to the officials as they headed to the Chaos Mountains of Khane.

They would then stumble accross two captives held by Arthixian guards, which were twisted abberations of the Chaos realm, after Dragor and Skhaal had defeated three, and suffered grievious wounds, they freed the two women, one was a Demoness fom the Obsidian city Horus and the other a Feline Woman from the desolate reaches of the unexplored forests, Thresk.

Together they got acquainted and rested up a couple of days. Dragor and Skhaal eventually got healed and began making their way to the castle, on the way getting intoa couple of Skirmishes with heavier forces, the Demoness was a Bonemage, using a set of conjured bone matter could create virtually any weapon, in a possessed form, to attack foes, Where as the feliness, was quick, athletic, and deadly with a spear.

After many battles, they would fight their wayto the top of the Castle, Abrack, to find Arthixis was not their but the overwhelming madness of his mind was everpresent, with a note made from the intestines of two innocent girls, with the word :


Skhaal immediatly knew where his brother was, baguly he knew the tomb by the name 'Valkaeth' as they quickly ventured towards the nether regions, a dreaful place filled with exile and mad creatures, lumps of maddened flesh, forms twisted by the Chaosvoid, this place seemed to be the source or close to the source, that fueled Arthixis.

At the final confrontation, Skhaal would have his blade shatter, however the blade Arthixis used was none other, than Sllamod, and thus Balvhaath heeded to Skhaal's plea as it shot to his hands to fight Arthixis, Brother and Brother versus brother and brother. In the End Skhaal would be severed of his legs from the knees down, as his brother fell into a sacraficial spike pit he had made, but not before sending a sick neon green wave, cleaving Skhaal's arm off as well.

Not even minutes after, did Urthixians, the nasty little bastards, to came and take the fated heroes. Dragor becam a Petrified statues of the Urthixian capitols, and the women...for notorious experiments of other wicked uses. Skhaal's still breathing body was brought forth to the Urthixian king, Mormoth, whom seen it befitting to punish the Thaxarian for slaying their ally in the destructing on the Thaxarian way.

For a year, Skhaal was dragged, beaten and tortured however he then snapped, and a set of crimson metal arms and legs formed around him, ablaze before settling down and solidifying. He was much weaker then than he is now, he would free himself of the dungeon, to open air, before being confronted by the Puppet Demon Councilmen, as if, insignificant, his weakened and malnutritioned body was mercilessly beaten by the powerful beings, Skhaal only succeeidng in slaying one, by planting his blade through ones, chest, before being cast from a portal.

In the Sky over a little town in maine, A large crimson portal would jettison Skhaal to the new world, before blacking out the destinct sound of a forgotten Thaxarian chant whispered into his ear, before hitting the ground hard and surviving.

Skhaal wandered around the alien land, training, focussing, only suceeding in recovering parts of his former self, the other's lost in the prison and back in Thaxaria ultimately when he hit the ground with explosive pressure.

skhaal has, since then, become a vigilante abiding by his own judgement of 'Justice', his presence somehow gone unnoticed by heroes until recently, humans on the other hand refer to him as a monster, being one of metal and flesh, however not once has he slain an innocent person.
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Height: 6'5”
Weight: 465 Lbs with equipment, 195 lbs. without.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Unusual Features: Metal prosthetic arm, made of the physical manefistation of his rage which can be altere to a limited degree. Giant, hulking, stump-like metal leg replacements, similar to his arm but only serving for combat purposes, his arm can be used as a tool.


Known Powers:

Rage Manifestation Energy Beams- Using his deep rooted and unquenched anger, he can generate it as though it were a common elemental power through his flesh, causing wounds in doing so, however the energy can virtually turn metal of any sort besides Gold, Silver and Platinum, into Metal Ash. The energy doesn't burn the skin as much as it attacks the nerves directly with a feel of burning, however not using any heat whatsoever. It's a pain infliction ability of sorts.

The energy is manifested as so, as a certain supernatural phenominon happen's within the mind, something called a 'Curseweave', a special organ residing within the mind made of pure energy that senses the increase of various chemical reactions in the mind upon rage being felt/called upon. This is then soaked into the Curseweave, converting into a strange energy that can be permiated from the body in various ways.

However this energy has bits of solid bits mixed into it before it leaves the body, breaking the flesh upon activation, and dissolves into the air as it makes contact with outside the flesh. These bits of particles were called 'Imps' by Skhaal, as they seemed to only slit the flesh whenever he used his abilities, he found them quite troublesome and still does.

These Imps are bits of even stranger energy that give the energy created by the Curseweave to gain it's Crimson glow by mixing with the energy itself, also giving it it's strange nervous system targetting properties and steel-to-ash transformation properties.

Painful Misplacement: A teleportation with a moderate to heavy drawback. The range is anywhere the eye can see, for a range of 330 feet. Using runic carvings, He can also recall to certain areas if using a passive ritual that requires utmost concentratin. The draw back, is effectivly that his Rage manifests itself in a epic way, opening a whole in the extra-dimentional gateway, and then hurling Skhaal back into Earth's domain and to the exact location of the rune. This is what Skhaal believes however, the exact mode of transportation is unclear.

Chain Conjuration: Any nearby material is the catalyst for this ability, his only ability tracing back to the slayermage academy, up to 5 chains can be summoned from the grounds or walls of any material, and ensnare the opponent or cut them to pieces if nesissary. It requires great concentration to make more than 3, and if the caster is struck when using summoned chains, they revert to their natural state.

Painful Redirection: If Skhaal has a strong relationship with anyone who would suffer a powerful blow, he can choose that all pain and injury from that blow be placed onto himself instead, as if being struck by the source directly.

Known Abilities:
Unflinching Charge- No matter how much pain Skhaal recieves in combat, He will continue on without flinching to wounds, however wounding his legs will often keep him down but he will not cease to attack with RMEB if he must. Stubbornness is another trait that can be pulled from this.

Melee Specialist: Not only does his raging powers pose a threat but his keen reflexes and variety of melee training give him an edge in any melee oriented conflict. While Skhaal is exceptionally strong, he sometimes does not need his strength to defeat foes when a simple redirection of his foes wieght, causes imbalance, or even pain if used correctly.

Strength Level: Exceedingly Strong, due to the Thaxarian pysiology (Didn't add because of lack of will. If requested will send a full Thaxarian Pysiology seperatly.) Which is augumented by the Extradimensions unussually strong gravitational pull, exceeding most known planet's gravitational, near earth, by atleast 5x the ammount. Thaxarians are also magically spawned creatures which have adapted to natural surroundings in time becoming more in tune with the world, any semblance of their magically created former selfs gone.

After years and years of reproduction they might have become slightly stronger, however Thaxarians are more renown for their dense muscular mass and steel-like bone structure, including an interwoven rib cage.

Weaknesses: Fighting in large bodies of water, is of course a very difficult thing to do when your clad with metal. Skhaal also has a hard time thinking straight in battle, a very poor tactician in otherwords. Skhaal also has a difficult time stealthing around with metal legs, and despite fighting criminals on his own, can sometimes appear to be a villain rather than a hero, and to hasty heroes, is not fun to be labeled as a villain out of circumstance.

Misc (optional)

Equipment: Please view picture. Armor is Tungsten.
Transportation: Foot.
Weapons: Vengebringer, A blade that has spoken of in many tales in Thaxarian lore, a weapon said to be used by Turnox, demon of chaos, to slay his brother, Volmox, the demon king. However Venge bringer was not that blade, however the blade spoken of was Venge Bringer's brother, one of two living blades. Venge Bringer's name at birth was Balvhaath which translated from ancient Viashinian ment 'Blade of Vengeful Intent'. Balvhaath's brother was called Sllamoth which translated from Ancient Viashinian ment 'Blade of Murderous Intent' or 'Blade of Murder'. It was said that both blade's destroyed one another, when Viashinox, the last dragon and Diety of the Thaxarian, met blades with Turnox's older Brother, Falstad. In the End Falstad's torso was cut open by the shattered blade of Sllamoth, in which his entrails poured out and it is said from that pool of blood and organs gave birth to the Urthixians.'

However both the blades survived, Sllamoth and Balvhaath regenerated their lost blades and remained hidden in the 'Temple of Murder and Vengeance.” However the name was long lost and it's scripture was instead named 'Taltha af Oth Balv Feturrisad” This temple was in the center of the Madlands, a place where the creature's who dwell their lost their sanity due to Sllamoth's desire for murder had twisted into a desire to torture and murder all excluding the one that would done the mantle of Sllamoth;s wielder.

Balvhaath had ended up being lost under the renown of Sllamoth, as Sllamoth had received 3 wielder, 2 after Falstad's fall. Sllamoth would soon be wielded by Turnox's younger brother, Volmox. Volmox was actually quite innocent as demon's went, he was but a child among demon's which made Turnox's blood boil. On Thaxaria, Demon were nothing but another coexisting race, some were gigantic, some were the size of dwarf. Demon is just a word that derived from Ancient Vishonox, a more ancient dialect used by the follower's of Viashinox's brother, Vishonox. The word meant 'Varying Size', 'Varying Power' and 'Varying Cunning'.

Volmox had mistaken Sllamoth for Balvhaath and slained the last dragon, Viashinox. It is uncertain if Viashinox had been over powered so easily, it is assumed Volmox had murdered Viashinox in his sleep and where Sllamoth's name had been derived from. However it wasn't long till Volmox's mental and emotional anguish met it's end, Volmox brutally murdered and thus Turnox taking the mantle, and this was around the time before Skhaal's birth.

There would be year's of war, the banner of Thaxarian's Slayermage's raised high as they defended Thaxaria with blades, magic and blood. Time would pass, before Balvhaath was rewielded only by the huge magic it had absorbed over the many years. It would have enough time to be wielded by it's destined one to slay the Demon of Slaughter. This time turnox would be defeated, the titan sized demon would fall and Skhaal would raise the blade with difficulty and honor. The blade would fade from the 12 year old's grasp as it returned to it's sanctity, this occurance eventually bringing down the Slayermage guild.

Year's later, Sllamoth and Balvhaath would be raised against one another once again, and once again by brother's of similar alignment. Skhaal would end up fighting his brother, Arthixis again once more. Skhaal barely defeated his brother as Arthixis used emotions to null Skhaal's rage, keeping him weak the entire encounter, his friends would be captured by dirty Urthixians after the 3 days of constant battling, Skhaal victorious...yet so defeated as he lay half dead.

Skhaal would awake suprisingly enough, not only in a prison cell but with no legs from the knees down and no arm, the cell was really unnecissary. For a year he would be tortured for his neglegence to heed the Council's word. Eventually an astonishing thing happened, A crimson metal arm and legs the size of good sized tree trunks, a fearsome looking man stood in his cell.

He was strong, his rage now awakening a unique ability as the ability required him to bleed and feel pain to use his rage physically. The metal bars of the cell twisting beneath his grip as he freed himself and ecaped barely. The councile quickly caught word of this and decided to handle it themselves. The council was composed of the leader of every powerful guild in thaxaria, although Skhaal's rage, stubborn determination and power was great, he was abused like a rag doll and expelled from Thaxaria and this time, when he awoke he found more than blood, but Balvhaath in it's awakened state. Balvhaath, like many behemoth blades pack a severly destructive force behind every swing however the interior is hollow in which it has a series of organs which are protected by high level magics in which these organs store and use Rage energy. They only need this energy and in return, the energy is what empowers the protective magics inside which keep the blade to a near indestructible state. The blade has shown it rusts if Skhaal does not feed it enough energy monthly and this is a sign that it is weakening. It can enter a suspended state of being however even so can only survive 25 earth years before dieing.
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One of the Many that have yet to be Posted
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