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 The Other Tablet

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PostSubject: The Other Tablet   Wed May 09, 2007 1:23 am

Very similar to the first set of Ten Commandments.

In this regard however; these guidelines are for a format known as Collaborative RP; where characters are controlled by everyone involved in the style of a multi-authored fanfic.

1: Honor thine administrators and moderators
None of us are tyrants. None of us want to be tyrants. If one of us has a question or complaint directed against you, it is for a reason and if the issue is serious, then it it something that has been talked about and discussed well beforehand. We are not out to get you, no matter how frightening we may seem at times Wink

2: Keep thine disputes civil, and thy hostility in check.
The roleplay discussions are there for a reason. If someone in an RP has an issue that needs to be brought up, then they should do so quickly. We're all here to have fun, and that becomes difficult if people are plotting backstab moments.

3: Keep holy thine posting style so that it may not be painful to cast eyes upon
In basic terms, strive for some level of grammar here. This is a roleplay; not Yahoo Instant Messenger. Keep other peoples' characters in-character also. That stoic ninja master of stealth controlled by Player B should NOT have a scene in your post where he whines like a puppy and starts playing the drums.

4: Thou shalt not Glorify
Okay, you're going to be controlling characters beyond your own here. Don't use that as an excuse to always make your character better or always make someone else's be the character that gets unfairly owned.

5: Thou shalt not obscurify
When you post a profile, please post everything. Don't hide weaknesses behind a sheet with the words "Not telling" on it or have the phrase "and other stuff" tacked on at the end of your characters' abilities, whatever they may be. If there is a part of the character you would like to remain a surprise, spoiler tag it. There'll be the element of surprise for some people, and knowledge of the character's limits for others.

6: Thou shalt not be unspecified in thine abilities
In short, if your character's a magic user or energy weilder, be as specific as you possibly can be on just what those abilities do. Simply saying "shadow magic" could encompass any number of abilities, any number of which could be added for convenience's sake.

7: Know thy place in thine relevant world
In other words, if you're running an Inuyasha RP , don't make a hero blatantly more powerful than Inuyasha, and don't make a villain horrendously more frightening than Naraku.

8: Thou shalt not steal.
In other words, if you are using an image you found somewhere on the internet for a character's appearance, provide credit where it is due and be aware that the original artist may some day stumble upon this site and ask you to remove it.

9: Know that there is a world beyond words.
There shall be no post limit for now, however try and make your posts something more than a one-line response to what someone else is saying. Surely your character is doing something other than hollowly projecting his or her voice? Try and describe it. Elaborate.

10: Keep sacred the PG-13 rating
Keep the content at least PG-13. Any posts going into the R/NC-17 range must have a warning notice in the RP title, and a spoiler tag over the post.

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The Other Tablet
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