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 Teh Uber List~~Oh and I'm Awesome!!

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PostSubject: Teh Uber List~~Oh and I'm Awesome!!   Tue May 08, 2007 1:37 am

Ok....I'm gonna post these in family order....I guess....from first chara and on.


Alias: Sonic Spider
Real Name: Harry Blaze
Nick Name: Webs or Webhead
Race: Human Mutant/ genetic experiment
Age: 18
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: hhmm....about 150 lbs.? idk
Abilities/Powers: Webbing, Wallcrawling, Super Speed, and Spider Sense
Strengths: always optomistic, wisecracks, thinks fast on his feet.
Weaknesses: Gavity powers(cancels out Super Speed) and and getting hit too many times (no super spidey strength). Being overconfident.
Looks: He has red flaming hair, fair skin, and tight muscled body, and a handsome face.

(Picture was photoshopped by me using Marvel and DC comics)

Personality: the wise guy. Not a prankster by nature, but a wise cracker and an optomist. He is always one to think while on the fray, even though he is pretty intelligent. He also is a bit overconfident. Women allies and bystanders distract him very easily.

History: He was born with Super Speed. At age 5 his parents were killed in a fire by a masked man. Harry was taken captive along with his best friend Baran. Harry was injected with Spiderman's DNA by Doc Ock in the arm, but when the NY hero came in to stop the procedure, Slade stabbed the other needle on DNA into Baran's head. Harry developed wallcrawling and Spider Senses, and baran inherited Spider Strength and Endurance. Unfortuneately, Baran's brain was harmed and his IQ dropped considerably. He is now known as Mammoth. Harry was inducted into Xavier's School shortly after Spiderman saved him from Slade...and he spent a good 10 years there. He made close friends with Bobby Drake(Iceman) and Eryth(best friend in the world). He also spent his extra time getting close to girls such as Rogue and Kitty(Shadowcat). At age 15, He was brought over to New York City (the place of his birth) to stay with the Parkers, where he trained with Spiderman, Spidergirl, and Black Cat. After a great 3 years with his new family, Harry was sent to join the Teen Titans as a new member. He fit in well, although the first few months were rough (Between the Prank War and Harry's flirtatious attitude toward Raven, it was surprizing the Webhead had survived)

Love: not really.....all women maybe?
Str 2, Dex 24-27, Body 4, Int 10, Will 6, Mind 6, Influ 8, Aura 6, Spirit 4

Alias: In this town it is not needed. Everyone knows who you are.
Real Name: Harry Blaze
Nick Name: Webs or Harry
Race: Human Mutant/ genetic experiment
Age: 18
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 200 with armor.
Abilities/Powers: Webbing, Wallcrawling, Super Speed, and Spider Sense. Armor that increases his strength and endurance, and also can become madnetic so in case gravity is changed he can still use his speed.

Strengths: Thinks fast on his feet.
Weaknesses: almost always pessimistic. Also has moderate depression.

Looks: [image]

Personality: Very serious and righteous. He can not stand seeing any wrong, however in Fear City this happens way too much for him to even hope of stopping. This makes him moody and depressed most of the time, as if he feels at fault for the city. A Born Leader, although he needs support from his fellow heros at times.

History: Harry Blaze became a hero to help protect the innocents of Fear City. He and his childhood friend Eryth started out stopping the local riff-raff and would be burglars, but then decided that they could help on a grander scale. They started hitting the Six with small hit-and-run manuvers, Webs noticing that Raven was hanging back. He took this for Reluctance and, against the judgement of Eryth, started talking to her during battles, trying to coax her to their side. After one battle where she nearly killed him with a telephone pole, Eryth dragged him into their underground base, leaving him in the care of Mas y Menos, two beautiful Spanish heroines. Being left with two nurses that would "accidently" cuase him harm to keep him in the med bay didn't brighten Harry's mood, expecially since his best friend went off to Europe to join the Coalition, letting Harry know where to find them when he was healed. He couldn't give up on Raven however, even after the last battle. When he finally healed he decided to give it one last chance, this time keeping his wits about him. When it appeared that Raven would not go with him and do good, he left for the coalition.

Str 2(4 w/armor), Dex 24-27, Body 4(6 w/armor), Int 10, Will 6, Mind 6, Influ 8, Aura 6, Spirit 4


Name: Joseph Blaze
Alias: Bahamut
Age: 17
Height: 6'0''

Powers: He has dragon wings and a tail, inherited from his mother. He also has super speed and wallclimbing abilities inherited from his father. (imagine a tail going the speed of sound as a whip!!!)

Weaknesses: Cold leaves him weak, but still able to fight, and Gravity cancels out his super speed. Also, he isn't as physically strong as his mother or sister.


Personality: More serious then his twin sister and his father, Joseph is also very protective of his kind and trustworthy sister. He trusts very few, and he doesn't hold back in a fight. He loves his sister dearly, and is the only person he shows feelings of care and love to. His kind of humor is sarcasm.
Str 3, Dex 16, Body 2(against cold) - 6(normally) - 25(against heat), Int 3, Will 6, Mind 5, Influ 8, Aura 1, Spirit 7

Name: Morgan Blaze
Alias: I'm Morgan
Age: 17
Height: 5'7''

Powers: She inherited her mother's scales, making her physically strong (Strength and damage reduction). She also has her father's Spider Sense, making it so she can react as quickly as she can. She also has flame powers, which she usually uses to heal her brother.

Weaknesses: Cold, unlike her brother, weakens her extremely, just like her mother. Also, she becomes overwhelmed when fighting more then one opponent.


Personality: She is kind, careing, innocent, and trustworthy to a fault. She loves her Brother and stays close to him as if he was the only solid rock in the middle of an ocean. She looks up to him, but finds that he is a little too cold to others. She always greets others politely and with a smile, and she has a great sense of humor.

Str 7, Dex 3, Body 0(against cold) - 12 (normally) - 30 (heat), Int 2, Will 3, Mind 6, Influ 8, Aura 7, Spirit 6
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Teh Uber List~~Oh and I'm Awesome!!
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